• Clean and Green Recycling in Hong Kong ūüá≠ūüáį

    This city is surprising is every way - for such a highly populated and developed country, Hong Kong is super clean, organised and proactive when it comes to recycling.¬† Very impressed.¬† When your population is over 7.3 million and packed into such a small area, you have to be.¬† Other countries should take note and get on board, this needs to happen in every country....and now!¬† Gold star for Hong Kong ūüá≠ūüáį¬†



  • We have just arrived in Hong Kong...the city that never sleeps. #HKTDC In search for Eco friendly products.

    Pleasantly surprised, HK is actively recycling and trying to make a difference.  Their proactive eco friendly approach can be seen everywhere - from recycling stations on the street, to recycled and biodegradable cardboard packaging used on toiletries in the hotels. Our hotel only supplies glass water bottles!  This high density city has no other choice to than to make a positive change, hopefully this attitude is mimicked in other nearby Asian countries and Australia.  Yay Hong Kong!!  

  • Our Vision

    At Truly Eco we are passionate about reducing carbon emissions and minimising single use products. We aim to introduce plastic free products to all Australian households by 2020. Providing healthy alternatives such as biodegradable and sustainable products that help reduce environmental impact. We ship direct from manufacturer to customer, providing us with a competitive advantage and reducing the handling of your eco friendly products. This method not only reduces carbon emissions, we can also offer our products to you at a reduced price!

    Our Vision - We aim to source the latest eco friendly products and feature them in one convenient place.

    Truly Eco - Smarter products for a sustainable future.